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I'm very interested in programming graphics stuff and games ! In my opinion OpenGL is the right way to do that.
It is running under Windows and portable to LINUX, MAC OS and others. I have tried Direct3D too, but like John Carmack I decided me for OpenGL !


3D Portal Engine

This engine is written for OpenGL to test the functions of portals.


See the readme file for informations.

Download the engine demo for Windows ( 5MB)



My first OpenGL 3D-Engine V1.0 Release Feb. 1999
New features:
- driving mirror
- change between windowed and fullscreen mode while running
- change the resolution while running
- Smoke

- description follows later !

Here you can download the demo
Download GL3D.ZIP 638118 bytes

The demo flys through a level and shows some functions of the engine !
You need the drivers OPENGL32.DLL + GLU32.DLL in your Windows/System directory or in the program directory !
You get the best performance if you have a 3D accelerator :-) !

My first OpenGL Demo
Here you can download the demo ! Download GLDEMO.ZIP 994202 bytes


Direct3D Wizard V1.4

The Direct3D Wizard is a program to build up 3D scenes consisting of
meshs, decals, lights etc. You can use the functions which are
supported by Direct3D to manipulate all included objects. Position,
color, rotation, textures and more are adjustable for mesh-objects.
Light sources of all types can be set and adjust as you like. Up to
4 different viewports with each 4 different cameras are possible.
You need DirectX 5.0 or above. Check it out !

Download D3DWIZ.ZIP 150172 bytes

Download the source code VC++ 5.0 project 156289 bytes

Here are some scenes for the Direct3D Wizard for downloading !
(Pay attention, some filenames have long sizes ! Unzip under windows !)

Download SCENES.ZIP 448831 bytes

Pictures from the scenes !

Rocket scene !

Download ROCKET.ZIP 4821 bytes